Our Story

On the beautiful Thassos Island across the ring road Potamia - Skala Potamia, is located Natasa Hotel. Inside olive groves, 800 meters from the sea, and exactly opposite Mount Ypsario stand the 35 rooms of the hotel, offering comfortable accommodation within a calm and natural environment.

Our hotel – in fact our summer home - was built in 1990 by my father, Mr. Dimitrios Brastianos. Since then, it has been run as a strictly family business, with success; attributed to our hard work and our family unity. The two buildings were built almost at the same time, and some years later was made the pool and the pool bar. At the beginning, hotel offered only basic rooms, with the possibility to add meals, but as the years passed, and the needs of the travellers changed, we decided to upgrade the rooms. At that time, I was married with Froso, and she joined except from my life, the business as well. So with her taste, we started to upgrade the rooms, by adding televisions, hairdryers and air conditions.

From that time, almost 25 years have passed, and our 2 children, Thodoros & Anastasia have also entered in the business. With them in mind, and again based on the market’s needs, we started from 2018 to renovate the hotel. At the beginning of summer season 2019, 22 out of our 34 rooms will be with new furniture and upgraded decoration, while the remaining 13 are planned to finish in 2020. For summer 2019 apart from the room improvements, almost all the rooms will come with flat TVs.

With our sole goal to reach the excellency in guests’ satisfaction, we would heartily like to thank you for supporting us with your preference all these years, and to invite you for a visit in our refreshed hotel.

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