Beaches and Landscapes

Chrystal Clear Beaches & Unspoilt Nature

In Thassos, one can swim in the most famous sandy beaches, and admire different landscapes every season. Sandy beaches with crystal clear, turquoise waters; a marvellous scenery with secluded coves, caves and magical sunsets. Among those it is worth visiting: Golden Beach, Giola Lagoon, Marble beach, Pefkari, Aliki, Metallia, Psili Ammos and many others.

Golden beach (Skala Panagias) & Chrissi Akti (Skala Potamias)
Chrisi Akti along with Chrisi Ammoudia comprise the largest beach on the island, awarded with blue flag. It is located in the eastern side of the island and is 13km far from Limenas. Its name ( “Chrisi” which means golden ) comes from the colour that is reflected on the sand by the sunlight.

The one tip of the beach is called Chrisi Akti and is the beach of Skala Potamia. The beach is well organized and easily accessible, with shoal waters and thin sand, thus ideal for families with kids. Access and parking are easy , while the beach is also accessible by persons with reduced mobility. The area is ideal for walks especially towards Skala Potamia.

Giola Lagoon
Visit Giola, a natural sea lagoon carved in the rocks (rocky pool ) that is located in the region of Astris. The height of the rocks reaches up to 8m from where the swimmers can dive into the clear waters. The course towards Giola is tough and you will have to walk.

Marble or Saliara Beach
Saliara (Marble Beach is a small exotic white pebbled beach , with splendid color in the waters, in the northern side of Thassos. Ideal getaway for relaxation and swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea. Thassos. It is 5km far from Limenas.

Dragon Cave
Swim in the unique Dragon Cave (Drakotrypa) in Panagia village, just 7 kilometers from the main town and fifteen minutes from Panagia. The cave is full of impressive stalactites and stalagmites and the visitor will be amazed by the beauty of the underground caves. In fact, the cave was named after a stalactite that had the shape of a dragon. Little is known about the cave as it is yet to be fully explored and studied in depth.

For those who love nature, a visit to Keramoti ( a village inside a hydrobiotope ) is necessary. There are very frequent schedules by ferry boat from Thassos to Keramoti. There is a Nestos Delta Information Center, as well as a Nestos Visitors Welcome Center. Both, organize many interesting activities (such as informative meetings, walks in the forest by the river, bird watching etc).

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