Archaeological Sites Places of Historical Interest

Like in the most Greek Islands, in Thassos as well, there are many traditional mountainous villages, that keep the architecture of the past. Usually, they host ruins of ancients Acropolis, due to its use as capitals in the past, thus they have historical and archaeological interest for the visitors. Most of them are picturesque enough, offer traditional cuisine to the guests and host the renowned “panigiria” ( festivities dedicated to the saints ). One of the most famous villages is Theologos village, where you can try delicious goat.

In Limenas ( the contemporary capital of the Island ) you can see most of the archaeological findings, the Ancient city of Thassos, ruins of the Agora, and the Ancient Theatre, still used for cultural events. Worth visiting is also the Acropolis with ruins of Apollon and Athina temples and the Archaeological museum with its remarkable exhibits.

Due to its historical route, Thassos Island has also rich religious character, maintained till today, due to the presence of several old-dated monasteries and churches in use. The most popular of them is the Monastery of Archangel Michael, built on the edge of a cliff, offering spectacular view to the Aegean sea. There, is kept a piece of the Holy Nail, used for the crucifixion of Jesus. Another very well-known monastery is the Saint Panteleimon monastery in Kazaviti. The temple of this monastery was built in 1843 with stone from the mountain, while next to the temple there is a cave from where the Saint passed. From 18th century people visit the monastery seeking cure from the Saint. Lastly, a visit to Panagia church in Panagia village is in the “must do “ list. There are found ricons from the 14th to 17th century and the flag of Richard the Lionheart of the Crusades.

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